About me

Marissa Lang.

I graduated from Endicott College with a BFA in Graphic Design in May 2018. Starting in high school, I found my passion for drawing in all sorts of medium and materials. Senior year of high school I was exposed to the Adobe programs and immediately found another interest. I enjoy making and learning new methods of expressing art and design. I have already had the amazing opportunity to intern for two Graphic Design firms focusing on product design and one focusing on branding and consulting. Being exposed to these studios allowed me to experience, adapt, and learn so much more. My passion for Graphic Design grows as I experience and expand my knowledge for this design field.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at some of my work!
Currently looking for a full-time position in the Greater Boston area.


E-mail:  marissa.lang@aol.com

Cell:  203-788-9986

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